25. May, 2010

Branchburg, NJ

Branchburg, NJ

By Ann Marie

Flat Puglet takes a ride on Amazing Grace, a 4 year old mare rescued last year from two reckless owners who had no idea how to care for a horse. She now received lots of TLC from her new owner, Debby DePugh.

20. Apr, 2010

Arlington Heights, IL

Arlington Heights, IL

By Aine

Aine here. I was very upset that Flattie is getting all this attention. I mean he is cute and all but I am wearing the pretty dress. I mean, really Flattie who do you think you are!? “Aine!” Mummy says, ” be nice to your guest!”

He even got to go to the iPad launch!! [more...]

09. Apr, 2010

Muncie, IN

Muncie, IN

By Stacy

Flat puglet came to visit us in Muncie Indiana home of Ball State University. He was able to go with me to work for a few days at Ball State University where I teach athletic training.

Flat Pulget attended a lecture on health insurance, and participated in a shoulder evaluation lab [more...]

08. Apr, 2010

Beacon Falls, CT

Beacon Falls, CT

By Wilma, Brigitte + Sluggo

Wilma and Brigitte welcomed me with open paws, but Sluggo seemed a little freaked out. He did agree to pose for a picture, but after that, he was pretty much done with me.

When I arrived in Beacon Falls, my hosts were very excited to show me around. I waited for the Dad to get home from work. When the Dad arrived I got whisked off to dinner at the most awesome restaurant [more...]

06. Apr, 2010

Union City, CA

Union City, CA

By Phoebe & Zoey

I’m here with Zoey and Phoebe. They’re taking good care of me although Zoey likes to drag me around and use me as a seat cushion.

We spend a lot of time playing in their backyard, where they have a lot of tasty ROCKS! Then Zoey and Phoebe showed me a pug that ate so many rocks he [more...]

Flattie Stats

Number of Flatties circumnavigating the globe: 64!

International destinations: 3 (Australia, Canada, UK)

Domestic travels: en route to 25 states

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